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Senay Berhe

A Familiar Feeling of Now

Man is sitting down with his eyes closed, touching his face.
© Senay Berhe

Senay Berhe, award-winning filmmaker, director and artist, is the latest photographer to show his work as part of Fotografiska’s Emerging Artists initiative. With his upcoming exhibition, he sheds new light on the ordinary, giving the overlooked an entirely new dimension.A Familiar Feeling of Now opens on November 17 at Fotografiska Stockholm.

A man is peeking outside a curtain.
© Senay Berhe
© Senay Berhe

The simple beauty of everyday situations

Senay Berhe’s artistic journey spans 15 years, with his breakthrough coming in his hometown of Stockholm. Self-taught, his extensive body of work includes music videos, digital campaigns, films, and documentaries. He is now adding photography and art to his creative repertoire. Berhe’s works often capture the simple beauty of everyday situations and have received international recognition through exhibitions and screenings at galleries, film festivals, and academic institutions worldwide. He now joins the list of photographers within the Emerging Artist initiative to exhibit at Fotografiska Stockholm, where up-and-coming photographers based in Sweden and with a visionary eye can showcase their art.

“My goal with the exhibition is for the viewer to be able to identify with the images and the feelings. I hope that the photographs convey a presence and can make the viewer travel to that moment when the images were captured or that a thought or feeling is evoked,” says Senay Berhe.

A woman in front of a green background
© Senay Berhe
Pink sky and a pole
© Senay Berhe

Our external and internal landscapes

Berhe’s artistry is rooted in the complex interplay between our external and internal landscapes. In this new exhibition, A Familiar Feeling of Now, not only does he want to explore the boundaries of our relationship with traditional photography, he also looks to break these boundaries. Many of his works have emerged from simple settings, on the way to or from the most private of all places: home. By using materials such as textiles, wallpaper, frames, film and sculptures, objects are transformed into works of art that illuminate the ordinary in a different way.

“It is really exciting to have Senay as the third artist of the Emerging Artists initiative. His work is a breath of fresh creativity. Senay takes his unique look at everyday life and transforms it into works of art that really touch and inspire,” says Mohamed Mire, exhibition producer at Fotografiska Stockholm.

Fotografiska Stockholm’s Emerging Artists initiative provides a platform for photographers with unique imagery to show us their everyday lives. The goal of Emerging Artists is to create a more local and inspiring art scene. The exhibition A Familiar Feeling of Now is being shown from November 17.